Weapons of the Gods

Threads of Fate Entangle!

In the land of Shen Zhou, near the northern peaks and Great Wall is a small, sleepy village known by very few as Fua. A young, warrior on the run named Frost Born arrives here after days of travel on foot, in search of his uncle Fong. Upon arrival in the village, Frost Born met with his beloved uncle as he played a friendly game of Xiangqui(Chinese chess) with an aging Daoist known locally as Xiao Lao Hu. Little did they know, the threads of destiny were beginning to weave them together!

As they played under the warm fall sun, a young dashing hero by the name of Black Sky passed the game, taking notice of Frost Born. He could tell Frost Born was a talented young man, and probably had cultivated chi based on his subtle movements. Black Sky chose to watch the game, as he sensed some interesting times were soon to come.

Filthy Jue, a local ruffian and all around cur, offered to play a game with Uncle Fong for a few taels(money). He used trickery to cheat Fong and gloated loudly. Xiao saw this, and when he had an opportunity, he literally caught Jue red handed with the end of his crooked staff! Angery that he lost face, Jue attempted to have his gang beat up the old coot to teach him a lesson, ignorant to the fact that Black Sky and Frost Born were eager to show their masterful kung-fu!

Jue and his gang were easily bested by the efforts of the three heroes, and Uncle Fong offered his hospitality in return. Xiao Lao Hu(Little Tiger), Frost Born(Bing Sheng is the Chinese Translation) and Black Sky(Tian Hei) took him up on the offer. When they arrive at Uncle Fongs home, they find that he is being cared for by the young and tomboyish Tian Shen, a young girl(19) who is a disciple learning Uncle Fong’s kung fu known as God of Wind Kick. She shyly greets the heroes and goes about the business of organizing and cleaning. As the heroes relax at Fong’s, they get to know each other a little. However this doesn’t last long as later that day Filthy Jue returns with more men and a stronger looking fighter in tow! The man proclaims himself as Bronze Ting, of the Dirty Ting Brothers Gang! He requests payment, tribute and sufficient groveling from the heroes or else he will make them pay for embarrassing his gang! The heroes naturally reply to Bronze Ting’s Scythe Kicking style with first class fencing, Daoist curses and a massive Iron Fist technique that leaves Bronze Ting defeated and possibly even crippled! Bronze Ting Vows revenge as he is carried off by his lackeys.

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